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Discussion in 'Storage' started by Euro_Bucks, Mar 27, 2017.

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    Storage was the least priority for me when building a pc but when
    I finally got my first SSD which is an OCZ Arc 100, everthing was
    real fast.

    I am now exploring more about SSD's and I am eyeing on to get
    an M.2 SSD since I am planning to build a mini ITX system.

    I've searched for those affordable M.2 SSD's and found this.

    BIOSTAR M200



    At $54 for the 120Gb variant, it's the most affordable I could find.
    Would like to hear your thoughts about it.
    Is the price worth it or there something better that could match the price?
    Thank you.
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    Northern Ohio
    Not sure where you found that price, but I do not find this drive listed anywhere for sale yet, nor any reviews as BIOSTAR has not made review samples available yet. Unless you are faced with an immediate need, I would wait until I see some independent reviews on the drive.

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